The Wihan at Wat Phrao (46)



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The wihan at Wat Phrao is located within the community of the floating market. It was formerly located in Tak, being one of the oldest monasteries in the province. The grand throne hall of the wihan is a local architectural style of Tak dating back to the Ayutthaya period. The wihan had been dismantled and laid on the ground while a new brick wihan was being constructed. Muang Boran purchased the hall and reconstructed it in the floating market community. This is to preserve the original local art and architecture for our future generations.
The aesthetic significance of the building are the stucco motif on the portico, roof ornaments, the carved wooden roof supports of Khan Tuay and the wood carving slab below the portico decorated with colorful glass which were splendidly created by the local artisans.